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Originally Posted by Jason View Post
BMW iNext Hands-On: The future of your commute by Engadget.

Showing Level III Autonomous Driving Technology and BMW's Mixed Reality Driving Experience.

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Do we really need our cars to be able to order groceries now? This is how pathetic the current generation of tech leaders are.

Smart wall plugs!
Got to get Alexa and Siri and Google home to turn on your lights for you with a smart light bulb!!

Every country hires these dumb boring guys out of college and they come up with the same garbage innovations. Rewards cards for every company ever instead of just having the price lower. Now everyone needs to be a 'smart' device. Every piece of electronics now needs to be 'smart'.

Of course it's all trendy BS that will die as fast as iPod and ipad. Looks like iPhone sales are on a steady decline as people realize they don't need a new 3% faster phone every year.

The BMW i brand was cool to me when it first launched in 2014. Eco friendly materials and innovative performance.

I however find myself disgusted by this iNext concept. Its hideous design, and poorly programmed, difficult to use interface, all so people can be even lazier for 15 minutes.

You now Skype with your car? I'm sure it won't be an HDMI plug and a surface to use your laptop. bMW wants to sell you a computer, camera, personal assistant, GPS, and a digital chauffeur. I'm willing to bet it's just a car without your monthly fee.

It'd be cheaper to buy a WiFi hotspot and Uber or even pay your own driver.

But no, TECH is what's important to SHOW OFF your cool stuff and things.

I'll take a hard pass BMW.