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Originally Posted by UglyBuzzard View Post
Here is the latest:

Chuck Schumer describes a meeting he just had with President Trump: "Unfortunately, the president just got up and walked out. He asked Speaker Pelosi, 'Will you agree to my wall?' She said no. And he just got up and said, 'Then we have nothing to discuss,' and he just walked out"
This cracks me up, and I feel it was pretty balsy and badass. Would have enjoyed seeing that.

Trump: "Are you going to give me the one thing I want? Because if so, then we can talk about what you want in return."

Schumer: "Nope, we will never give you funding for your wall, but let me tell you about all the things we want from you."

Trump: "You want me to give you stuff without you giving me what I want?"

(sound of door closing behind him.......)

Originally Posted by Real Dodger View Post
Things would go better for Trump if he would pause sometimes and ask himself:
"What would Reagan do?"

I recall that Reagan was really good at getting certain democrats to go along and vote for his proposals.

I guess Reagan was a far superior deal maker.......

I imagine that he was, no argument there. One should note, however, that he wasn't dealing with the ass-hats that are leading the Democrat party in Congress these days, though. I doubt Reagan would have had much use for Pelosi or Schumer, either, to be honest.
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