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Originally Posted by xQx View Post
Okay, let me explain/clarify.Hence my questions above.

Walls are pretty easy to get over. Wouldn't it be cheaper to build a razor-wire fence, and tighten legislation so any illegal migrant is stripped of all their assets, any landlord who rents property to an illegal migrant or employer found to be paying an illegal migrant is automatically fined $50,000, the illegal migrant's fingerprints and DNA taken and added to a list of people never allowed to enter the US legally again, then driven directly back to the border and put on the other side of the fence?

Is the wall part of a multi-faceted immigration policy, or is it just a panacea that's now being paid for by US Taxpayers; not Mexico as promised?
My belief for a long time has been if we were serious about immigration issues, employers, landlords, etc. like you mentioned above would be harshly punished for dealing with illegals. That's in a logical, law abiding world where common sense prevails.

However we live in la-la land, where folks on a particular side of the political spectrum have set up so called "sanctuary cities". They've essentially setup a red carpet for every criminal element to flood into their cities with no worry about the laws on the books being enforced. The reason for this is two fold;
1. So that they may feel morally superior about themselves when they personally will likely never face real repercussions for their decisions. That's for the plebs.
2. To expand their voter base. They know they cannot fool enough real Americans to go along with their erosion of our institutions and rights, so they'll import in masses of folks who do not share traditional American values. They know these folks will have no problem going along with revoking the 2nd Amendment, destroying state's rights, etc.

So yes, the wall is only part of the answer but it's badly needed.