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Originally Posted by gunsmoker View Post
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I dont agree with declaring a national emergency but want the wall. The problem is the emergency play creates a precident which will be used by the next dem president to declare there arent enough transgender bathrooms and shift all funds from the military to build them.
While that's funny, you have a wrong stereotype for the democrats based on what you are seeing in the media. Most of us are not like that. What's online and in the media is just for show/business - whatever controversy works to increase the clicks and viewers. Same with the conspiracy theories at the conservative outlets.

Wrt to the wall, yes, there has to be something, but a wall by itself won't come close to solving the problem. My thought is a double fence with posts in between and laser beams/receivers from post to post and guard posts every mile or so. If the lasers are tripped, the guard can go investigate/shoot the intruder.

There is no perfect solution to this problem. The only solution is to elevate the living standard in Mexico so people won't need to come over. The US government obviously won't invest or encourage investments in Mexico, because it will be blamed for outsourcing jobs.

If you think about it, that's what the EU is doing. They expanded the union and incorporated former Eastern Bloc countries and have been pouring money there to raise the standard and also to use cheaper labor. Now the middle east refugees need to pass through all those countries to get to Western Europe. They originally gave those countries only rights to travel without visas, but no work permits. Once the countries got fully integrated, the Western part started complaining about too many foreign workers, because there is still a substantial difference in the living standard. I can't say it's working great, but it looks better than the US/Mexico debacle. The biggest blow to this strategy was Merkel's intent to accommodate hundreds of thousands of refugees. Then they struck a deal with Turkey where Turkey gets paid to hold the refugees.
I'll give you a solution.

Step 1: A Yuge Wall

Step 2: enforce current immigration laws

Step 3: FINE EVERY SINGLE BUSINESS that uses illegal immigrant workers. Bankrupt them if need be.

Step 4: abolish anchor baby laws

Poof No more illegal immigrant issues. It's really that simple.
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