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Originally Posted by MKSixer View Post
You made a statement that you can't support. Again.
You are also willing to completely forget that their first act is illegal and the rest are magnified from there, forward.

I don't just agree to disagree on hard data. I'm sorry...not how I roll.
You're so frequently confusing. Which statement did I make this time that I can't support? Let's recap.

Originally Posted by tracer bullet
Huh, you know for certain that crime is under reported, then say there's no way to know what it is, then say there is data is out there? That feels like a bit of bouncing around. Should we just agree that we don't know if illegals commit more or less crime than anyone else and leave it at that? Or do you actually have data?
Those were just questions. Questions that you seem to have misinterpreted as "MK is a dumb bastard". If that's what you mean about an unsupported statement, my apologies. Just questions.

Originally Posted by tracer bullet
Chill. I'm sure all kinds of crimes from all over the place are under reported, illegal aliens, natural born citizens, all of the above. You seem to be taking a question pretty personally. I'm asking if, in the end, "should we just agree that we don't know if illegals commit more or less crime than anyone else and leave it at that?" It seems the answer to that is yes?
My first sentence, I guess you could consider it a statement. I was just trying to placate your all caps reply of "The ENTIRE CRIME RATE IS UNDERREPORTED." These were your words I was simply agreeing with.

My suggestion you were taking things a bit personally was an opinion. How I feel you take something isn't something really anyone can back up.

And then I asked my question again.

Here's another question - Do you have think we are arguing about something? FYI, we are not. Let me rephrase my question differently... If someone says that illegals commit fewer crimes than natural born citizens, is the correct response that they cannot make that claim and back it up with facts, that we just don't know? I have a feeling I'm on "your side" with this, but some how you've gotten a little pissed off about it.