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Originally Posted by ///M4ster Yoda View Post
I was just messing with you man. I'm well versed in how fucked up America is in dealing with mental illness. Basically we don't deal with it. It's jail or the streets. If the family of the individual has money they may end up somewhere helpful but for the most part it's option 1 or 2. Sad. My brother in law has mental illness and I saw first hand how fucked up the "system" is.
I'm sorry about your brother in law, it's very stressful for families dealing with mental issues.

Yeah, the problem was because of abuse of patients and funding misuse back when there was federal mental health care. So they basically just closed up all the mental centers and everyone got dumped onto the street.

Like you said, some go to jail and the others get left in the street. Most of my encounters with homeless are some guy screaming incoherently or dancing around in their underwear in the middle of the street. There's many vets on the streets with mental problems from war - people who helped fight for this country that we've turned our backs to. The system is pretty broken.
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