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Originally Posted by Law View Post
As an avid enthusiast of Chinese history, I completely understand the "century of humiliation" and the deep-seated desire for the Chinese to secure what in their mind is their rightful place in the world.

That being said, I never felt like the Communist Party was genuine in that regard. They have consistently used nationalist rhetoric as a means of control, mobilization, as well as indoctrination.
The real end game for them is to challenge the status quo (rather than working with it), step-by-step and in their ideology, the Party comes first, even before China itself.

It's this disingenuous approach that has me worried, especially given their track record and their political development as of late (under Xi).
Of course that's what it's used for. But the motivation is real, West = bad guys, and the Chinese are defending themselves against the aggressors.

I particularly hate how they use things like the Japanese war as some kind of rallying cry. It was the KMT that fought and defeated the Japanese, not the Communists. Instead they weave it into this story of oppression of the Chinese people by outsiders and the victorious Red Army.

Xi has driven the nationalism to new heights. Things were easing and most younger Chinese people wanted nothing to do with the Communist party rhetoric... but Xi is shoving it down people's throats and they have no choice.
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