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First off the 'i' brand is pretty schizophrenic. The i3 is dead and now the i3 name is used and presumably won't be reused.

'I' brand was envisioned as a 'green' brand.
i3 is cool and special. Ugly too. But carbon fiber, light weight, commuter range, all renewable materials etc. It's very cool.

The i8 was similiar.

Didn't sell. Now they are both dead. So the 'i' brand was refocused to be an 'M' style électrification if the production range. This M4 is a sports car version of the 4 series. The i4 is the electric version of the 4 series. The M performance version is a sporty production version and the i performance is a hybrid version of the 4.

All makes sense.

But the i3 is a ultra green commuter. So the 3 series will never have an i3 nor the i8.

Except the iNext is a one off self autonomous office space car thing.

Now the i2 is thé follow up to thé i3 and it's a regular electric car but has none of the ultra green light weight features of the i3.

What the hell Is going on in Munich?

Thé i3 doesn't sell so they are going to remake it without the carbon fiber and green interior, aka, make it cheap, and expect it to sell? Does this mean the 2, 3, 5, and 8 chassis were all developed to be capable of being BEVs for no reason?
What do you call a BEV 3 series? 3 series 'i' like the 1 series M?

BMW wants to compete with Tesla but all they have is a shit show of a brand with no identity. They should stay the course on the i3 and i8, fix the design of the i3, and try to make light weight futuristic cars. Not a poor man's Tesla.