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Originally Posted by Joe240 View Post
What I'm hoping for from the PS5, starting with most important:

1) Everquest Online return since it was killed after SOE was bought out and trashed by Daybreak Game Company.
2) PCI-E SSD (not SATA based) for faster data transfer (SATAIII is great and all, but 2k Mbps is much nicer than 600 Mbps).
3) minimum of 1TB, but prefer 2TB
4) Better push for PS VR game development (had a PSVR but returned it after 3 days because the only game I liked was AC7 and that was it).
5) integrated IR sensor so I can use a single remote for everything
6) included verticle stand so I don't have to buy a $20 one from Best Buy
7) sold in a portable carrying case (not hard to sell it in durable, plastic case that I can stow it in for trips) instead of the cheap cardboard based packaging.

Some of these is asking a lot and would kill the reasonable selling price, I completely understand. But no harm trying

One last thing and I know will never happen, would be a user upgradable console. I don't mean the ability to upgrade the storage drive internally. I'm talking about a similar concept to building your own PC (lets face it, consoles are just mini PCs with proprietary parts). Have a baseline console for sale for $300 that the end user is able to upgrade the processor and GPU and RAM and HDD/SDD. Certainly the processor and GPU would need to be proprietary to an extent to allow 100% compatibility for the PS OS and the games developed for the console. But why let your console generation fall to the wayside for 7 years before introducing the next console? Why not sell upgradable pieces that can improve the console as the technology develops. Certainly has to be cheaper from a R&D perspective, and would allow for an additional gold mine in upgrade services that Sony could market.

Or just buy a PC and run a playstation emmulator...... F***ing hate PC fan boys (had to throw this in because I know someone is going to comment on it)
Not trying to burst your bubble but..

5) most people don't want another input type .. especially ir. Sony is pushing the ability for the ps to control your tv.
6) most people use the stand horizontally. It's also better for heat dissipation.
7) most people leave the ps at home. A durable case will not only cost more but make the shipping more costly as well because of weight.