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PS5 Leaks/Renders

Pictures/renders in link.

Per BGR:

"A Sony patent found recently shows what can only be a gaming rig, and we soon learned the drawing wasnít just a concept. According to a deleted tweet from a video game developer, itís the PlayStation 5 dev kitís actual design. While itís too early to tell whether the dev kit and the final PS5 will share the same curves, we already have a few gorgeous renders imagining what a PS5 based on the leaked design might look like.

Letís start with the image that Sony included in the documentation filed with Brazilian regulators:

The same blog that found the Sony patent, LetsGoDigital, went on to create the renders youíll see below, offering us a great look at Sonyís design.

Rather than the dull black and white imagery of the original drawing, these renders offer us a much better look at what the PS5 could be like in real life, assuming Sony uses this design for the next-gen console. The renders also take advantage of all the details Sony provided, aside from the PS5 and SSD logos (and that creative LetsGoDigital watermarks slapped on it).

On the front, the device features a bunch of buttons and ports as well as an opening for discs. The V-shaped cutout is rather unusual and certainly differs from the more boring PS4 design. The V might be a clever way to signal this is, in fact, the PS5. It could also help with ventilation and improve the overall look of the console, assuming LED lights would indeed shine through those openings. Then again, itís whatís inside the PS5 that matters more than what the console will look like, and we already know the PS5 will be a beast when it comes to performance. That much, Sony has already confirmed.

That said, itís too early to love or hate the concept, as Sony is far from confirming any details about the PS5ís design. At best, the console will be unveiled next February during a special PlayStation press event."