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Originally Posted by gjm120 View Post

To elaborate as suggested, it isn't at all certain whether he was trying to dig up dirt on an opponent or just trying to make sure corruption got looked into. Many people are sick of people getting very wealthy by virtue of their gov't jobs. And when they appear to have funneled wealth into their ne'er do well relatives, it's even more disgusting.

And as an aside, I don't give a shit how it's found out that the Bidens are like the Clintons - just do it. This is similar to the hacking of the Dem emails in the 2016 election. Everyone in the msm and many on here were clutching their pearls over the hacking - no one cared about the dirty tricks and nastiness that were uncovered.
Maybe I've been under a rock but all this Biden stuff seemed to come out of left field. I mean, we've been talking about Biden for a year now. How he has gaffs, how he is creepy around little girls, etc. he's been a topic of discussion on this board for many many months. Now all of a sudden he's as dirty as the Clintons and has been using his power to influence and enrich himself and his family via the Ukraine and China? Is this something you dudes have known about for years? The way you are talking it's like a foregone conclusion that the Bidens are dirty rats on the level of Clinton and, like, everyone has known that for decades. Have i just somehow missed all that all these years?