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Originally Posted by F32Fleet View Post
Oh no. I agree, the Dems can't wait but Trump should be smart enough to not give them an excuse. His age has become a liability because it's causing him to loose self control.
I'm not sure he ever had much self control The one thing I could say in his defense is many of us would become jerks if we got nothing but criticism, twisted news and flat out hate out of most of the media from the very start. Add this to a very very big ego like Trump's and you get the bombastic Trump. Compare this to Obama who won the Nobel Peace price after less than a year in office for not doing anything other than waxing eloquently.

I've a disdain for politics in general and the Democrats moving from one near hoax to another like a rat in a maze is especially disgusting. I can't really think of a rationale why they do. Maybe they are being irrational. Maybe it's a strategy to keep enough swirling scandal going to help them win the next election.
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