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Originally Posted by N54Yankee View Post
Iím on a couple car websites and other sites as well and this one Iíd confidently say has more liberals and anti trump members then any of the others I frequent. Iím quite surprised that in this poll thread those for impeachment are outnumbered over 4:1 by those who think he shouldnít be. Think this is quite telling here and in the country as a whole.

I also think that the dems see big trouble looming ahead to 2020 and they know it and hence they are willing to pull out every stop, petty, illegal or otherwise, they can to oust the President. The more they struggle to do so the deeper they sink into their swamp mud quagmire ensuring another term for DJT.
No. Look at the most frequent posters of, say, the last 365 days, and you'll find significantly more Trump supporters than liberals/anti-Trump posters. 4:1 is about right. Pick any thread (the President Trump Hit or Miss one is probably the most proliferate), and do a simple count.