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Originally Posted by Joe240 View Post
If Iím not mistaken, it was a hardware limitation for backward compatibility because the games were coded for specific processors (CPU/GPU) architecture that the new consoles couldnít read.

They probably couldíve added decoders that wouldíve allowed backward compatibility, but the hardware probably wasnít strong enough to handle the constant load (read not enough RAM for both the OS and decoder to run simultaneously). And you couldnít install the previous OS onto the new system because the OS is designed to look for specific hardware IDs to verify itís a Sony Console. Prevents people from using the PlayStation OS on PCs and still being able to play the console games, ensuring Sony still gets their ROI for manufacturing the console.
Yes, I understood the same limitations but the result was the same for the consumer.

Itís also a shame they will probably sell or disband PS Vue, but thatís another story. I have been a Sony fan (cameras, Walkman, headphones etc) for a very long time.