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It's nice to see a company plug into what sells. But you have to wonder, how long will this continue? Their current vehicles seem to really be going against the trend of fuel efficiency. They have, what, one hybrid offering? I'm sure they'll continue to do well for the next 3-4 years, but they don't seem well positioned for the inevitable seed change in personal transportation.

I think Subaru makes an amazingly adequate vehicle for 85% of the population. Their newer options are getting nicer and have a more substantial feel. About a month ago, I sat in a new STI. This is a car I've always liked, but never felt compelled to own. Sitting in it, I realized that I could never really consider one of these seriously. It just felt so chintsy. If you like that 90's Asian economy car feel, then this is probably a perfect car for you. It just felt old and yet, the price is certainly modern. No thanks Subaru.