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Originally Posted by XutvJet View Post
As one of the smallest automakers out there, it's good to see Subaru performing well. With that said, they are in dire need of powertrain and styling assistance. Their cars are about as bland as you can get right now. They can do an alright turbo 4 (now, not in the past!), but they're getting left in the dust sticking with the CVTs. They're crap, especially the non-heavy duty CVT used in the non-turbo/H6 models. They kill performance and aren't more fuel efficient than most any 8+ speed planetary automatic on the market right now.

My wife has had a 1998 Legacy GT wagon, 2008 Outback, and currently a 2015 Outback 3.6R and I had a 2012 WRX. They've all been reliable cars and are crazy easy to work on. Though I was always worried my WRX would spin a rod bearing (super common issue). I recently butched up 3.6R with with some Method offroad wheels and AT tires. The car looks so much better now. The CVT in the 3.6R is decent, but I can't help but think how much quicker it would be with the ZF 8 speed.

If I were shopping for a midsize SUV now, we wouldn't consider a Subaru. We'd be at Mazda.

Subaru's green and animal-loving marketing is super effective and largely why they continue to succeed.
Cannot beat the CX-5 for the money.