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Originally Posted by GeorgeA View Post
The first BRZ I got had to be lemoned because it would not turn on. The comfort access start button wouldn't turn the motor. Subaru denied the claim and the car sat for its full lease period (had to lease another car in place so ended up with 2 payments). Subaru denied the claim until months after the lease was over. Worst company to deal with, they do not care about their customers.

I ended up buying a used 2017 BRZ after that first one with hopes of it actually working fine and so far only 4 visits to the dealership for 2 engine out services. But at least it turns on. Would not recommend to anybody.

I also had a 2009 Outback that was bought new and only driven 15k miles in 10 years, the transmission went bad on it at 11k miles but out of warranty due to age and Subaru did nothing to help.
I bought a BRZ when they came out new in 2012. Owned it for 3 years without a single issue.