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I had a few Subarus in the past. I still remember fondly of my gc8 derived 2.5rs coupe. It was before North America woke up to how big wrx and Evo were let alone the WRC. Bought that thanks to Gran Turismo in PS2. There was also COBB Stage II Saabaru. That was also fun.
Never really had any issues with them. I autocrossed and winter rallied. Even sat in a 22b while visiting Asia.
Once Subaru left WRC.... That whole mystique faded despite how hard this brand tries to cling on that heritage. Today I don't find any of their cars interesting. The BRZ while harkens back to lightweight red sports cars, it was uncultured next to my ago RX8 under complex handling situations. The engine while decent for piston engine it felt barbaric next to the rotary. But I see their appeal.

I'm a strong supporter of small automakers. Therefore I'll always smile whenever I see that Six Star emblem. In the world of oversized grilles and aspirin shaped cars, that obnoxious old school hood scoop is a refreshing sight.