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I would say the most logical thing to do is to simply drive both for a while. Sounds like you already did that with the E450. I don't think you're going to find the A6 being more dynamic than the E450 though. You wont to stand out and piss people off, get a X6 M50i or whatever they are calling those things.
Yeah the A6 is off my list, and I dislike the way the X6 looks. I'll definitely have to try the V8 in the X5, but at that point I'd rather just spend the extra cash for an E63S. Luckily I still have time to try out a variety of vehicles to see which I like the most.
It's just a horrible day when you realize the choice you have to make is an E63 S Touring. But sometimes these are the kind of things you have to live with. Poor bugger.
Lol, as much as I love the E63S I would never buy one, not at the price they're charging. I was just saying if I'm gonna spend close to 100k on a V8 X5, might as well go big or go home with an AMG wagon for an extra 10, but that would literally be overkill and over budget.
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