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Originally Posted by MalibuBimmer View Post
Good information. A couple of questions:

1. What was your elevation before and at the end of the test run?

2. Did you hit the electric only button so that you were certain the engine never turned on? (I've noticed that if not in sport it can be pretty quiet.)

One of my problems is that where I live in the Santa Monica Mountains there are lots of elevation changes. During my gentlest run, which I previously reported, there was an elevation change of about +450 feet over 12 miles and I drove over slightly rolling hills. I suspect the "up to 15 miles" (or 35-37 kms) range is tested where the elevation does not change.
Yes I made sure it's electric only, in fact was monitoring on status page. Got warning and heard engine turn on. I did an almost perfect loop (same start/end) so net elevation change was 0, but was climbing and descending. Next time I'll log elevation but in guessing from my experience with my leaf logger that I have +/-200 ft delta. That's why I want to find a better course.

In fact I'll repeat loop with leaf and use the logger app and report back.

Final note: estimated range dropped to -- (no estimate) and I still went 2 miles before engine turned on.