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Originally Posted by Idleup View Post
Snap out of it guys - the I8 is not per say an EV car so forget the mileage that is unless you're round trip total mileage is 7-8 miles from your home because you're only going to get 15-19 that is if your lucky.

As far as I'm concerned, the so-called "Plug In" capability is a waste - just leave it in Sport and it will charge the battery to 75 % - you get 11-12 miles off the engine or 16-19 plugging it in so what's the sense, just use the electric for launch and acceleration and go buy a I3 if you want an EV to ride around.
Not so. For everytime you charge up from the grid, you get a practically free 15, 20, whatever miles of driving. A lot of times, that's an entire trip or at least a good portion of one.

If you charge up from the engine, the energy needs to come from somewhere. So you're burning expensive, highly taxed gasoline to charge up a battery that you could have easily charged up with much cheaper and less taxed grid power. Uncle Sam and Big Oil will be grateful.

For me, who commutes in the i8, that makes a world of difference. Over 80 mpg average so far. Do I want an i3? No way. It's ugly and I can't used it to chase hot hatches up a mountain pass on the way home, if I feel like it.

The i8 is Dr. Jekyll AND Mr. Hyde - perfect. But you gotta have the good Dr. Have his fair share ...