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Originally Posted by yco View Post
good to see some objective comment on recent Vettel..
but i dont agree with Albon though.. he is not bad at all.. but unluckily his car popped up an electric problem right before he was gonna hit the track in FP3..

i dont understand what Kvyat is doing in F1 actually.. even demotivated Gasly is better than him still on stats and reality..
He has this man who's kinda powerful. They call him Vladimir Putin 😂
Albon is performing better than Gasly but fans should understand that Max is a great dinner but he was outperformed in the past. Ricciardo DNFed EIGHT times in the last season, was ignored, got 2 poles and could've done more.
RB aren't Mercedes and RB don't have Lewis winning every week. So they need two steering drivers to win points every Sunday if they want to compete in the constructors championship. Having a lead driver and a weak(er) number 2 will get them nowhere. The other thing is you need 2 drivers' input to develop a car not just tailor a car too suit Max.