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Originally Posted by BMW F22 View Post
^ itís a prime 14mm lens with no other filters stacked. I agree that for broad daylight shooting of sky and water Iíll probably need higher stops. Might just buy the Haida ProND 3 and 6 stops for $84 or the kit of 3, 6, and 9 for $110.
Cool. Yeah, 14mm is pretty wide. Actually at 14mm there's so much light coming in not just straight on but from decent angles off to the side. And because the stuff coming in from the side actually has a lot more glass to travel through, due to coming in at an angle, it can make it "darker" than the rest for that reason alone.

Going from 6 to 9 stops sounds like what you might want. 6 is already actually a lot, 9 might get you where you want especially for daytime. Just have to try it out.