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Originally Posted by UncleWede View Post
Definitely this! ^^^ If anyone knows anything about changing your body composition for the long haul then I say no more. Forget about the cardio equipment, rowers, bikes, stair masters for a second. Burn fat and still have NO MUSCLE PEOPLE!!! HELLO!!!

You have to build muscle!! You lose muscle mass every year. Take a look at 70yr old person. SKIN AND BONES, ZERO MUSCLE and struggle getting out of a chair , walking up steps , etc. My point is weight training to some degree will keep you in much better shape than just cardio. HELL GO FOR A WALK EVERY DAY! Low impact. Unlike running or jogging. I just think most people don't understand or care to understand. They just start doing cardio because that's most common or ITS EASY. Hmmm, think about it. Most of us are lazy as hell. Doing anything strenuous is, "TOO HARD" BOO F-ing HOO! Suck it up and get after it. You can thank me 20 years from now. It's actually pretty darn empowering once you get into this whole journey. Wish I would have done it 20 years ago.
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