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Originally Posted by Kanertau View Post
I moved into a new house with a spare bedroom on the first floor. It's big enough to hold my home office gear in only half the room. The remaining space (14' x 7') will be empty.

I'm thinking of putting an exercise machine in there. I could use it to fit in 20-30 minutes of exercise when I have free time. If I only have one room for one piece of equipment, what should I get?

Treadmill. This just seems dumb. Where I live it's never to hot or too cold to go outside and run. Then again, it's nice to jog while watching a movie on my tablet.

Elliptical trainer. This seems like the best option for me. I get a similar workout to a treadmill (something like here) while moving in a slightly different manner.

Rowing machine. I've never had one of these, but it seems like a good all-body cardio workout.

Weight bench and weights. I (used to) enjoy weightlifting. But I don't know how my floor would react if I accidentally drop hundreds of pounds of barbell on it.

Bowflex/Nordictrac multi-use device. These seem horribly gimmicky and not very useful.

Other? I'm open to your suggestion.
What is your goal?