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There is a solution to this problem. And it will take you only 30 minutes a day, it is 18 times less than the time that you spend on work. The solution to these problems is morning run. A treadmill is suitable for this.

What gives morning run? And what training regimen should I use?

Firstly, running in the morning really improves your mood. Why? In the morning, when you have just woken up and do not want to do anything, running will awaken you. This is a kind of alarm clock with a charge of excellent mood for the whole day. Get on the treadmill and improve your mood!

Secondly, running on a treadmill helps to lose weight. It is a proven fact that when you run in the morning, people begin to lose weight and acquire an amazing figure. On a treadmill, you can lose weight.

Thirdly, there is a strengthening of the body. The general state of health improves, tone rises, immunity strengthens, endurance increases.