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Originally Posted by lsturbointeg View Post
biggest turnout yet the worst in management organization as alot of people were pissed they had to wait 3-4 hours to get in.
I was just there to film man.

And yes even as I was leaving the line to get in was insane. I got there early so I didn't have an issue.

I can say I overheard a few of the issues contributing to the insane turnout & wait.

1. The one entrance to get it for sure is a bottleneck, but with Pocono raceway having the HPDE running you can not have other entrances open otherwise random cars would just enter a hot racetrack. (That's a track layout problem not organizer fault)

2. The weather was beautiful and there hasn't been any events or meets which sparked A LOT more people to come that weren't initially coming.
(about 1,500 cars "pre registered" about 4,000 + more showed up that day)

3. Idiots. People were racing and running from the cops on the highway and then flying down the wrong way to get in which caused the cops to basically show up and look for certain individuals which slowed down the flow of cars getting in.

None of those things are the fault of any organizer

The only issue I saw from the event organizer's was a post saying to have people show up at 10:30 instead of just allowing people to come earlier. However that was done to prevent the exact thing we saw later in the day which was an influx of cars.

I know Jay will be working on ways to improve all of those things for future events, as no one has seen a turnout like this at Pocono before including for nascar events.
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