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Point & Shoot w/ Excellent IQ & Macro, pls?

Hello Photo Experts!

I had a mishap this vacation, and now need a new camera.
I'm settled on a small camera with a built in lens. My past two were:
Olympus xz-1 (1/1.63 sensor, 10MP, 1.8f)
Panasonic LX-100 (4/3 sensor, 13MP, 1.7f)

The Olympus was just a little smaller, which I liked. The Panasonic gave better macro pics of forest mushrooms, etc.
The Ricoh GR3 is interesting, with an APS-C sensor & 24MP, but it has a 2.8 lens, compared to the 1.7 Panny.

I shoot lots of forest shots, many with a dog in them. I will probably depend on the JPG program, since when I play with RAW pics they only get worse.
Some things that confuse me are the sensor size vs MP count vs aperture size....

Other contenders I see:
Fuji 100V or F (a bit big, but great pics?)
Sony RX100 x (smaller sensor, but good reviews)

TIA! Murf
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