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Originally Posted by EZ_TUR90 View Post
Wearing a fake is like rebadging your car. I'm certain that everyone on the forum hates seeing it done, and its not different when it comes to other luxury goods. I'm not much of watch guy, however I can understand why individuals seek out fakes in order to fulfill insecurities. Society associates expensive brands to success and that why girls hold fake bags, and guys wear fake rolexes.
Do you think this applies to buying a new versus a used car?

For example, isn't it reasonable to make the following argument: "When someone sees another person driving an E92 M3, they might think 'oh wow, that person is sufficiently successful to the point where he or she can afford an $80,000 car!'"

What if that M3 owner actually paid a fraction of that $80,000 to buy a used M3, though? Isn't this person perhaps being deliberately deceptive and flaunting a level of wealth that he or she may not actually have?

Granted, the analogy isn't perfect because the main purpose of a car isn't to be a status symbol (I hope).

Note: I don't actually think like this. I think this line of reasoning is incredibly elitist and it doesn't really sit well with me. I don't like trying to assess other peoples' wealth based on their material possessions, and moreover it just doesn't matter to me. I'm really just playing the devil's advocate here to spur more discussion.