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Originally Posted by yco View Post
wow it was a rock solid race from Lewis and Merc's and Lewis was still going even if they told him it was the last lap..
well done to Lewis and Merc'.. posting so consistent laps adjusting the rhythm perfectly.. having meetings until late in the evening for tires worked nicely.. such a great team one of the best in history and so happy to witness these days!!
and Bottas should ve done the same thing like Lewis did and ask for mediums instead not softs sharply.. maybe because Lewis studied tires more this weekend donno but surely didnt help Bottas having softs in 2nd pitstop..

felt so angry to Red Bull for ruining Albon's race really!!
i know that they like to gamble which is nice but putting him on hard tires into traffic that early into the race was being toooooo optimistic.. poor guy could have a better race... and seems like Red Bulls expected tire advantage wasnt there or that advantage was eaten by Merc's hard work.. well done to Max and Albon.. i hope Albon can get a better race next time.. Max and his engineers talk was a like engineer was the bigger brother at some point.. pretty sincere talks they re having..

so unlucky for Leclerc having a problem in such a period of the race that they were playing with Norris so nicely.. they were having a great race and they re the future of F1.. they re great friends, they do respect each other and both very fast drivers.. it was so nice to watch them.. and great to see drivers can fire up on their own really.. before i hated that deprivation..
for Vettel, not trying to joke its nice that he didnt spin and put a better race this weekend.. but the radio calls were so messy that it started to sound like Ferrari - Vettel relationship is like a married couple hate each other but have to stay together in the same small house.. since covid is around interactions with other people is limited as well.. it sucks and i guess there is no way to rebuild it even for some time...

pretty nice race for Racing Points.. Perez's penalty was right i was watching Lewis' onboard at that time yeah he passed more than 3 posts but wasnt looking like he was blocking or at least not that much.. but rules are rules and fall behind Stroll..

McLarens were a bit lost in this race but watching Norris is always fun though..



Bruh... 37 laps on used softs? If it was HAM he'd be blasting Bono's ears off 😂