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Originally Posted by Sedan_Clan View Post
No it's not assault. Assault requires an attempt of physical violence upon your person coupled with the present ability (...and it's always the lesser included charge on a battery). You and the other motorist just had a verbal altercation.
Short sidestory: During my Army time we had also often some young police officers who went later on to e.g. Afghanistan to teach the locals there to handle legal things, enforcement, you name it. They'd get from us latest tips and sometimes also some special moves to defend themselves without using deadly force as first weapon if avoidable.
I was at that time into a very good shape and had those two young mavericks with the bless of the youth, that the world couldn't be larger for them. As they continued to refuse to pay proper attention to the lesson, I'd stopped and asked them to step into the ring with me. To shorten this: They were cuffed before they'd really realized this.
Several years later I got pulled over for a routine check, the officer looked into my car and recognizes me immediately as the guy who had pinned him and his former mate. As he'd asked for papers, I twinkled once and reasked him to got pinned again, then handed over my papers. He just smiled and let me go then.
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