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Originally Posted by iconoclast View Post
agreed, especially the folks who are concerned with the sanctity of marriage but watch shows about 90day fiancees, marriage at first sight or bachelor/ette etc. those are fine but divorce or gay marriage that's where they draw the line. WTF~!?
i think youre severely overestimating the amount and diversity of people that watch those shows compared to those that watch the SB.

the Super Bowl is a sport, and as such, there is a lot less for people of different religious or moral or cultural backgrounds to be offended by, and as such, they will tune into that.

Do you really think someone who is super concerned about the sanctity of marriage is going to go watch a show like 90 day fiance or married at first sight? Just a quick google showed 2.6mill people tuned in to an episode of 90 day fiance last fall. The superbowl had 100 mill.
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