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I say look at the B&W 800-series with some nice Classe or McIntosh amps. Sony 4K projector and a Dalite screen...
FYI. Classe went out of business. I was looking into getting one of their surround processors. Really unfortunate. I still have one of their older CD players...CDP .3. Thing is built like a tank but suffers from a dim LED screen as it seems other .3 players seem to have as an issue as well.

I've got some Nautilus 800 series speakers in both my multichannel system (4xN804 and an HTM-1) and the 2 channel system (N805) at my vacation home. It's incredible how these things don't depreciate even after all these years.
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We might not be in an agreement on Trump, but I'll be the first penis chaser here to say I'll rather take it up in the ass than to argue with you on this.