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Very nice. That Glycine and that Sinn GMT are fantastic. That's my next big watch purchase, a mechanical GMT. Tudor Black Bay GMT or a maybe Rolex Explorer II 216570. My current collection consists of two TAG Heuers, an Aquaracer calibre 5 and a Formula 1 calibre 6, and a Hamilton Khaki X-Wind. The last one is pretty cool in that it has built in slide rules to calculate cross wind correction.
The Glycine is a vintage GMT Airman and was my Father's. He gifted it to me when I graduated Pilot Training. He wore in in Viet Nam (he got it in 1969-70) and wore it through his AF career, and I wore it through the first Gulf War, Somalia, Bosnia, the Second Gulf War and probably a few more that I forget.

It's a bit small on the wrist nowadays (and my eye's aren't what they used to be anymore!) so it's mostly a heirloom that sees limited use.

The Rolex was a "Captain's Upgrade/50th birthday/10th Anniversary" present from my wife. I'm not huge on bracelets, so I put an Everest Nylon strap on it and couldn't be happier with it.

The Sinn 856 UTC is my "work" watch-- it has two time zones and is made out of stupidly hard metal (5x harder than the Rolex case) and it's utterly scratchproof in the cockpit.

The Seiko is my dive watch-- I've had it down to about 210' so far. Works great.

The Skagen is about a thousand years old, but it's nice to have a single quartz watch on occasion-- and it looks good and weighs nothing since it has a titanium case.

Wooow. What a story with that Glycine. That's truly special. Thanks for sharing your story!
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