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Originally Posted by Coastal i8 View Post
Why is (square) better?
I can’t think of a single high performance car that comes from the manufacturer with the same size tires on the front and rear.

One reason that manufacturers may deliver cars with a staggered tire set up is because
cars that understeer are considered safer than cars that oversteer.

On the i8 by adding the same level of increased grip 245’s front and 275’s rear and keeping the original staggered set up as designed by BMW you maintain the safety of understeer while increasing overall cornering grip which is your goal.

The best handling race cars understeer at the limit.

Unless you prefer another old racing adage....“oversteer is better because you don't see what you're about to hit.”
Easy there. It's for feel. I prefer the feel of a oversteer biased car. My i8 sees no track time and I dislike understeer.
FWIW, the best race cars are balanced.
Another plus, is I can swap back to front to even out wear, again on my street car.
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