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Originally Posted by MGRMLN View Post
Easy there. It's for feel. I prefer the feel of a oversteer biased car. My i8 sees no track time and I dislike understeer.
FWIW, the best race cars are balanced.
Another plus, is I can swap back to front to even out wear, again on my street car.
This is a huge subject and many books and different opinions are available.

In reality there is really no such thing as neutral handling.
The balance of the car changes depending on if your accelerating or braking in a corner and a bunch of other factors. (Body roll, weight shift,- suspension related plus aerodynamics, etc. )

In general though....When the tire grip runs out something has to give. A good driver can keep the car in a relative neutral position through the curve but that is a very narrow place. At some point you will either be in understeer or oversteer because your too fast or turning in too tight for the available grip of your tires. Also... A car that understeers is more stable on a straight line.

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