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Originally Posted by ///M Power-Belgium View Post
Yesterday the Merc's PU's have been replaced , today they got power and balance issues..
Probably the Merc's PU's had to be replaced before the Party-Mode ban next week in Monza .
A PU replacement was required to get rid of the Party-Mode .... ?

Interesting facts anyway !

mate its nice to see you creating conspiracy theories like in Mel Gibson's old movie but almost all the grid will start with new engines this race cause its the end of their lifespan as planned more or less for the season since its clear that there ll be 17 races as well..

Originally Posted by msk340i View Post
Tomorrow's predictions:
HAM 1:42.6
VER 1:43.1
BOT 1:43.3
im expecting some surprise performances from Renault and McLaren.. maybe they wont be in front but they ll be around more this weekend..
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