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How do I take a good picture of two cars?


I need some help. My son asked to get some pictures of our cars in the same photo for desktop backgrounds. Recently I have managed to take pictures that are of decent quality of a single car but when it comes to have two cars in the pictures I have difficulties to get the scene/composition right. I would like to have the cars represented equally well but I am not satisfied with the results so far so any advice is appriciated.

I know location is everything but this was the best we could find yesterday. Camera wise I have a DSLR with various zoom lenses that cover 16-480mm after crop factor is applied.

This is probably the one I think is best in terms of representing bith cars equally well but also boring.
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I really like this setup but now there is a 80/20-represention of the cars.
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This is cool but too distorted.
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Too much background.
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