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Originally Posted by Fundguy1 View Post
+1. One of the big reasons is border security. Another is the lack of proactive action in foreign countries. And the president meeting with narcoterrorists FARC doesn't help.
Yeah, I don't think we're on the same side of why we think it's a failure. My views stem from the belief that we are wasting way too much time, energy and money chasing and prosecuting what are otherwise non-violent offenders. Sure, there is also an element of violent offenders, but we've created the cartels and the hard criminals by giving them a black market in which to operate. They don't care about the drugs, they care about the money.

If we were to legalize, regulate and tax drugs a la alcohol, the black market would dry up, drug-related crime will drop off, we'd create thousands of jobs and the influx of income from the taxes would be huge.