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Originally Posted by blueridge View Post
You can try minimizing road vibrations such as double wrapping your handle bars or adding gel pads underneath your bar tap. Gloves can help too.

Also, if you have not had a bike fit you may want to consider one. Your positioning could be off such as leaning too far forward and dumping too much weight into your arms / palms... too stretched out that your arms are locked out meaning you are not using your arms to absorbs bumps....

Finally, are you relaxed when riding? If you are too tense you will grip your handle bars too tight regardless of position and your hand /palms will ache. I use to have the same issue mountain biking new trails.
It seems to be strictly my weight pressing down on just my hands that is giving me grief. I wouldn't say I'm totally relaxed yet, (with pizza cutters any little variation in weight distribution = turning in that direction) but I'm not clenching or anything. Also, just not being able to easily turn my head and look without going off path is tough for me. I'm TRYING to rely on that tiny little mirror on my handle bars, but I broke down and switched to riding against traffic at the end on Sunday. I always run against traffic.