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Originally Posted by detroitm2 View Post
Anyone build their own sim racing rig?

Am looking to put something together, preferably VR, on an expandable platform where I can add motion actuators at some point.

What VR platform is the best?

What games/software should I checkout?

Am looking for the most realistic experience, with a variety of tracks to drive on. Specifically GT type cars, not F1.
While I don't quite know much about adding movement to a platform, I can speak on some of the points.

For a VR headset, get whatever you like the best and whatever is the most comfortable. I prefer roomscale headset so you dont have to set up IR cameras, and I LOVE my Oculus Quest. It has it's limitations, but for $400 it's amazing. I MUCH prefer it over the Vive.

If you don't already have a wheel setup, Fanatac is very very highly regarded. I personally use a Logitech G27 though.

For games, Assetto Corsa is good (from what I have heard and read, never used it personally). I really like iRacing, but it can be a bit costly. At work in our multi-million dollar sim, we use RFactor 2. Felt extremely extremely realistic, but I have no idea how they have it running, and I know we have our own tire / aero systems running.