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My UKM5 friend -

Originally Posted by M5theonlyone View Post
I'm extremely grateful you put me onto that product my friend, now I will try to return the favour.
If you just put petrol and nothing else in your M then I have a suggestion.
There are all sorts claims made by fuel companies why their fuel is better but reluctant to say 'why' exactly,Shell springs to mind.
I use RedEx fuel additive every other tankful.It's been going since the '60's,upgraded as time goes on and selling strong; What's good about it is that it's not only a cleaner but keeps your plugs and injectors primed, lowers C02 also protects your whole fuel system and keeps the tops of cylinders cleaner also exhaust valves. My cars done 36k and the 'original' plugs from new haven't missed a beat.
It's a good thing to put in before you store your car for a while as you do for the winter.
My UKM5 friend -
You are spot-on; gasoline additives are beneficial and reduce carbon buildup, clean the fuel injectors, gas tank, etc; many gasolines have an additive and I have chosen Chevron exclusively for the Red Roadster to support the very high 11.5:1 compression ratio in the S54 engine; Chevron sells a product entitled Techron that you add to the tank every 3,000 miles; since I only drive about 1,000 miles annually I add a bottle of Techron once per year; it has kept the Red Roadster clean and running great:
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