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Originally Posted by Markoni View Post
Yes, that's why I've always said that calorie counting is BS. Your body is the best calorie counter of all. Your hunger will tell you how much you need.

The reason people get fat in the first place is because they don't listen to their appetite. They eat when it's time to eat, even if they're not hungry, and they eat the portions assigned to them, even if they're not hungry. People even eat out of boredom, despite not being hungry.

So, once again, your hunger will tell you how much you need. Forget the cookie-cutter calorie recommendations.
You say to forget the 'cookie cutter' calorie recommendations, but your diet appears cookie cutter to me, since you blindly recommend this to anyone attempting to lose weight.

Taking into account factors such as weight, body composition, sex, and activity level, establishing a maintenance caloric intake, and prescribing a deficit based on that intake is the opposite of cookie cutter. Thats individualized.

At the end of the day, its calories that determine your weight. Calories are measurable, quantifiable, and reliable. Appetite is not a reliable indicator of caloric intake. There are too many overlapping systems to even begin to use this as an indicator. Hunger pangs are usually at their worst during the start of a diet. ghrelin levels increase, making you hungrier, so you overeat until you are satisfied, and you end up with a caloric surplus. hardly an effective dieting method.