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Have mercy!

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Originally Posted by Markoni View Post
That's the biggest pile of crap I've read on this board, Jesse.

Humans are not dogs. When I start smelling chicks' asses and tasting my own shit then maybe I'll start taking diet advice meant for a dog. Until then, I can figure out my own hunger and keep myself from eating to death.
nothing gets by you, does it?

You still haven't answered my question as to how someone who is physically active one day and sedentary the next can have the same caloric needs both days. Please cut down on the Aesop's Fables and answer that, as I've had my fill of dog and horse stories for today.
your reading comprehension is embarrassing. ive not only addressed this, but shown how it works against your argument. i dont know how else to explain it to you.

Who made these "standard recommendations for a healthy, training male"? The same scientists who just 50 years ago were smoking 2 packs a day and saying that smoking is perfectly healthy? Oh, I guess they've wised up. I guess where we're at now is the pinnacle of human understanding. Scientists will never again come up with some shit that's completely contradictory to what they said before.
its a commonly accepted method for determining calories that, except in the case of very few outliers, works. eat 14-16 calories per pound of lean bodyweight and your weight will not change (this is assuming no exercise). this isnt really up for debate, its just human metabolism.

How much do you weigh? You say this is about "optimally losing weight", so let's put it to the test. I've made the offer before, and I'll make it again. I'll diet and train MY WAY for the next 2 months, you do it your way (I think all the labs are closed today. You might want to get in there bright and early tomorrow, get some tests run, have a board of scientists observe you, maybe an independent commission to run their own tests. You know, standard science stuff), and we'll see who comes out healthier, slimmer, stronger. I don't expect you to accept my challenge but I'm just throwing it out there in case you really do have faith in your science.
ya, bro.

And LOL at you saying babies are fat. If you knew anything about the science you hold in such high esteem, you would know why they're fat and why that's irrelevant to my point.
1. it was a joke.
2. babies are fat.
3. if people ate until they were full, they would all be as fat as babies.