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Have mercy!

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Originally Posted by Markoni View Post
You obviously don't know the difference between "until hunger subsides" and "full". You know, part of being a human being means having self-control. I know it's tough for a liberal Berkleyite like yourself to see human beings in any different light than you see dogs and horses, but it would surprise you to know that some of us don't simply act out of blind instinct and actually do have control of our senses and faculties.
blah blah blah, im markoni, I dont address anything, I just go off on irrelevant tangents. appetites are bullshit. babies are bullshit. its all lies! its a conspiracy!

actually, those tangents were previously mentioned in this thread, so they are really more relevant than half the shit you have posted.

You know, I just realized that you're from San Fran and you're named after John Stamos' character in Full House. Now, either you're a chick with an obsession for Stamos, or you're gay. Neither would surprise me at this point. Which is it?
actually im a gay chick. how do you think i deadlift 3x my bodyweight?

my avatar isnt showing up for some reason, probably because this is a new troll account, i mean account, but its a picture of myself. Im John Stamos.