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Hit the gym up more than three times a week man, if time permits. I go once a day (excluding Saturday and Sunday) and break my workout schedule like so:

M: Cardio, Circuit Workout (Arms, Legs, Chest), Crunches (150-200), Stretch.
T: Cardio, Core Circuit (Abs, Back, Neck), Crunches, Stretch.
W: Repeat Monday.
T: Repeat Tuesday.
F: Repeat Monday.
S/S: Chill.

I changed my workout routing to this, exactly what I listed, around January. It's now been about a month and a half and I've lost 15 pounds. I'm 5'11" and 205lbs. If I stick to what I do I'll be around 190 by April-ish.

It's a matter of working out frequently and consistently. Make sure to work different muscle groups on adjacent days, but make sure you hit up the cardio machines every day. Also, eat sensibly. I don't do diets. I just eat smart. I don't do fast food (except for when I get munchies after a lil chiefin'), and I skip chocolate, regular sodas, candy, basically all the shit out there. Eventually it just doesn't sound appetizing anymore.

Just be consistent.
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