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Originally Posted by Greeney View Post

I have been going to the gym ~3 times a week and getting about 30mins of cardio and a small amount of lifting (only machines no free weights in the complex). The biggest issue is most likely my diet, you tell me haha.
Breakfast... I try and eat it, but the majority of the time thats a big zilch. If I do get something in its a small bowl of cereal and milk

Lunch... Usually some sort of wrap, most likely turkey or roast beef, from time to time a salad or whole wheat turkey sandwich.

Dinner... I go out most nights so its a toss up. But it usually consists of a small salad to start with dressing on the side and some sort of chicken or meat with veggies...
I made a pact with my self yesterday to cut out all fried foods from my diet, just like I did with Soda this summer!

On a typical day I will have 3-4 bottles of water, its what I live off of.

I don't have any personal interest in proving I'm some sort of diet guru, and I don't have any interest in attacking anyone.

But I think the first thing that you might need to do is to be more honest with yourself.

I say that because unless there is some information that you've left out, you should have lost weight after a month of strictly sticking to that diet and putting full effort into that much exercise.

I don't really care if I'm right or not. And I won't be posting on this thread again, because I have nothing to prove about whether I'm right or not. So just take it as you would like, and if in deep reflection it hits home, then I hope I've helped. If I'm far off the mark, hopefully somebody else's advice will help instead.

Having been there myself, I sincerely hope nothing more than your success. It WILL happen.