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Originally Posted by Herdalum View Post
I donít want to be too argumentative on this, but you just repeated what I replied to without regard to my reply, so Iíll say again,
...Some of the designs Iíve seen look like they are virtually maintenance free, but even if some maintenance is required I donít get not building something thatís important just because it requires work to keep it intact. Isnít that what we already do to maintain our freedom? And Iím not equating the wall with keeping our freedom, but am equating the concept. Your argument that it wonít work because theyíll get in anyway is one of those donít do it if it isnít a hundred percent perfect arguments in my opinion. Walls work, ask the Israelis if you donít believe me.
My apologies for not replying in a more direct manner. I was hurriedly replying last evening in between other things I had going on. I'll agree with what you stated. Just because it isn't 100% effective doesn't mean that some effort shouldn't be made, I just feel that cost versus end result isn't there. You do make a valid point that effort made in maintaining anything whether it be a wall, a policy, etc. ,must be upheld in order for the groundwork to remain effective in whatever the task at hand is.
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