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Originally Posted by SethDove View Post
I too bought an external LG DVD from Target for $25 for this purpose (SP80NB80 or just SP80). I have never had to do anything with the volume nob. It takes about 50 seconds for the stereo to index/buffer the files, but once the system (on my 2017 i3) recognizes the disc within and says AudioCD then mine plays fine.

And I wish people would stop telling others to stop using CDs. Unless you rip to uncompressed files (WAV/FLAC/ETC) then CDs are objectively better sounding than MP3s/OGG/ACC, and a CD lasts practically forever. And if you do rip to uncompressed then you'd need a very large USB stick, which the i3 system probably wouldn't recognize anyway (it only reads FAT32 if I am not mistaken). I currently have about 100GB of music ripped, and still don't have all of my CDs ripped. I use the ripped files on a portable music player for when walking, biking, at work....whenever I can't use CDs. If I can use CDs, then I do. And that's not really for anyone else to decide what's best.
Considering the varying quality of the hardware and processing settings of each individual stereo in each car, varying degrees of road, wind, cabin, and engine noise in cars, sound processing, effects and filters of modern music, the small audio details of cd vs high bitrate MP3's or streaming music is an minuscule price to pay for the convenience of having more than a few songs on one relatively large physical disk.

I stopped being so picky when I lost a good portion of my hearing in one of my ears. Also, 1 in 8 people have some form of hearing loss which means chances are good that we all hear things differently to some degree so while clarity is important, it is not the be all that end all. Enjoying music is not limited to clarity, but in rhythm, melody, composition, instrumentation etc. The, lyrics, tone, performance, and composition bring about an emotion, inspiration or even a memory. Back in the early days of recorded music, I'm sure clarity didn't impede on the appreciation of music. Clarity and fidelity has improved upon it, no doubt, but that last 0.1% of clarity doesn't bear the full weight of the ability to enjoy music.
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