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Originally Posted by Lups View Post
Dear diary.

I'm no expert but I think this day wasn't a winner.

I woke up (last successfully finished task of the day) and I thought I was so cool my shit don' stink. That ended abt 10 minutes after I dropped the kids off to school.

I have a rule. When I leave the site, the first five hours worth of equipment, materials and what ever is laid ready for the morning. I've learned that it's better to go shopping at the end of the day than in the morning since then you'll remember everything still, and especially when one is renovating something seriously old, it helps. Yesterday I left the site a bit fast so since I knew I had all the needed there I knew that before lunch I would have a new window in for the kids library room, new light bulbs for the up upstairs bedroom, required tools to get the radiators out, enough wires to redo the electrics, gallons of white paint to handle the walls before first coat...

So what happened was that I got to the site, I realized I didn't have a window. Since it's a small box room that'll be a library/ guest room, I went to fetch the closest replacement I could find for the current one.

I was already on my way when I realized I never measured the old one. My shit still don't stink so I couldn't call the hubby who was on site, I called the fil since him showing up there at eight am wouldn't give the hubby a laugh. Anyway, I got the window, hauled it up, and left again to buy screws since I had known for a fact I had those..

Then next I realized I need to add insulation to the outer wall. Shopping again. Then I realized I need to redo electrics. More shopping. Then I realized I need to redo the floor, the walls, and I was starting to get mildly fucking pissed with myself.

Anyway, out of the 12 hour work do, I spent shopping for shit I absolutely knew I already had for about 6, I'm now a day late from my mildly tight schedule and this was the day one of the HC build phase.

I do have all materials for tomorrow. I triple checked before leaving for the night. Now that I'm not tearing down shit constantly, or digging up shit it appears I'm going to reclaim my role as the site clown. Tomorrow will be a 16 hour day so that I can over the weekend catch up with all the shit I didn't get done today.

To end on a good note, my electrician is 67 year old man with a lazy eye and he's missing a few fingers. He's been retired for five years now, but someone called him for me so he called me to let me know he will show up next week to do the electric shit.

" They called me that the insane lady is at it again and that you had asked if the hardware store could recommend a new electrician since I retired. Hell no, your sites are mine, my wife makes me come since I'm on a good mood for weeks after working for you!"

I love him to bits. I probably was the one who bit his fingers off at some point but it takes a real man to show up at my sites for ten years and to fix all I've fucked up while trying to help.

Oh. Ancient radiators are heavy. Remember to be a man about hauling those out and don't ask for help. Dropping them out from a window is Soo fucking smart if you have the upper body strength of a fly.
All this for 900 ft.²?
Sounds like you need to watch reruns of Gilligans island. The professor really knew how to build stuff!
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